IIHMR University

[Pioneering Health Management Research & Education]

Established in 1984, IIHMR University is a leading knowledge institution of the country engaged in teaching, research and training in the domains of public health, health and hospital administration, pharmaceutical management and rural development.

Assessing the need to build the capacity of health care providers involved at various layers of health systems chain and develop a cadre of health care managers to improve the health systems in India and beyond, it later ventured into training and postgraduate teaching. Indeed IIHMR has provided a template for health management education in India. The institute takes pride in pioneering the discipline of health management, and establishing a full-time MBA program in health and hospital management way back in 1996.

IIHMR has also expanded geographically. In addition to its main Jaipur campus, IIHMR has established three other campuses in Bangalore (southern India), Delhi (northern India) and Kolkata (eastern India). The Bangalore and Delhi campuses became operational in 2004 and 2008, respectively, while the Kolkata one is in the final stages of being set up. The selection of these sites in four vastly different regions of the country is strategic. Through its presence across the different regions, IIHMR wishes to realize its goal of improving the geography of health, social and public systems management in India in its entirety.