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“I Am Because We Are”, this saying means we as humans are social beings. Even the most selfish being cannot live in isolation. But, today we see the unity conferring principles of the whole “humanity” are lost and man has emerged as an isolated individual having no emotional bondage with the larger reality. This has deprived man of the essential purpose and meaning of life. But still we come across a lone soldier, a crusader, or a selfless being who is open and available to others. Such people deeply connect to the cause of others, feels diminished when others are humiliated, tortured or oppressed. These people connect with their fellow beings and are known for their generosity. “उbunttu” aims to showcase small and big gestures done by such people towards others in ways that benefit the community. Doc Rivers said “उbunttu works in life, it works for everybody. It doesn’t have to be a basketball game. It’s about being resilient and sharing the joy with your teammate when he’s doing well and feeling the pain when your teammate is feeling bad.” One does not need to have a reason to reach out to the needy. It is not always the Rich and famous people who do services to humanity. Ordinary people with their simple deeds like helping a stranger in need, or serving his or her whole life to the cause of others is known to possess उbunttu. He or she is a full person. Some people have the inner fire which connects them to the sufferings of others. The उbunttu within them pushes them towards selfless acts. It is trivial to say that the humanitarian acts of unknown people are a labor of their love. In fact, it is the journey of their lifetime. They inspire and touch many lives which cross their paths. We at “उbunttu” are just making them recognized to the world".